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What is ICO? Learn what it is and how to benefit

Wondering what is ICO and how you can benefit from it?

Then this post will answer all your questions 😉

What is ICO?

An ICO is a shortage for Initial Coin Investment. These initial offerings of tokens serve the purpose of funding a company’s idea and turn it into a product or a service for the needs of the future.

A company, during its ICO, offers you a part of their tokens for a low price, before they hit the exchanges and increase in valuer. This method does not only allow you to make a quick profit by trusting a company’s idea, but also rewards you for being one of the few that offer their capital for the company’s further development.

Companies give you their tokens in exchange for (mostly) BTC or ETH. They proceed to use these currencies to pay for the growth of their team, their investors, their advisors, their marketing campaigns and, of course, themselves.

Participating in an ICO ensures that the tokens you receive are cheap, often have a bonus included, and allow you to be part of the birth and growth of a new company.

Where to find ICOs?

You can check all the upcoming ICOs online, by visiting one of the following pages:


Before you decide to invest into any platform, perform your own research and only buy with an amount that you can afford to lose. ICOs are very risky, but this is why they are also very, very profitable.

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