The future of FineCoin

FineCoin’s future goals are very clear, and some may say they are overly ambitious. We don’t make promises we cannot keep and work very hard to make sure that our goals are met.

FineCoin aim to become the link between crypto currencies, but also the link between the real world and crypto currencies. Being an intermediary currency would mean any development done on any of the crypto currencies on any platform would benefit us directly.

By adopting a growing number of currencies in our platform from the crypto currency world and the real world we will increase the value of FineCoin to allow us to sustain the growth of our lending program.

Think of the people who lend to our platform as investors earning their investment’s interest on our platform from the profits we make on the exchange.

Apart of that, our Lending program is, similarly to other lending platforms, in USD currency. This means that, when you want to make a loan, you will have to exchange your FINE tokens into USD and lend them to the platform.

Depending on the timeframe of your plan, our coin will appreciate in value, making it possible to pay the interest back to the investors.

We strongly believe that our currency can appreciate in value very fast, since we offer the opportunity for very low buy ins during the presale and the ICO, and are currently in discussion with large scale exchanges worldwide, to be listed right after the ICO is completed.