FineCoin Team – meet, greet and learn more about the team

While getting ready to launch our platform, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to FineCoin Team.

Before we do so, however, we have decided to keep our last names anonymous.

Ever since bitcoin made its appearance in the mainstream media, there have been attempts to hack and/or harm the key members. Cryptocurrencies are in its infancy stage and this could make us a target to hackers and governments. Moreover, some of our members are C level execs in banking industry and to make sure we can reach our targets, at least at the beginning, we have to remain anonymous.

FineCoin receives its value from the people and, thus, belongs to them. We are a team of visionaries and experts who work tirelessly to make this world a better place through technological development and improved financial systems.

FineCoin Team Members

Lars W.

Lars is the creator and CEO of FineCoin. After working several years in the financial world, and as an early BTC investor, Lars took it upon him to quit his day job and study the technology of Blockchain back in 2015. After bringing together a team of talented developers, marketers and advisors, he has now created the first European Lending platform based on Blockchain technology. He has been an advisor for several big projects related to the blockchain and was a project coordinator for the largest cryptocurrency based insurance startup.


Richard is our head of Development. He is a talented leader and passionate optimist with 13 years in network security and 4 years in blockchain. He was resonsible for the network security of ING and ABNAMRO banks in different timeframes, several years ago.

Finio M.

Finio is responsible for the FineCoin blockchain development and maintainance. He has a MS in Software Development and Mobile Application Development. His professional experience includes IT, mobile app development, financial modelling and cyber security.


Marcelo started his carrier in the IT industry, ranging from hardware support, engineering and maintenance, to large scale information system analysis, software development, and implementation. He is further responsible for our intra and extranet system development and maintainance, risk analysis and large scale enterprise systems. He has helped us solve some of the major issues other lending platforms are facing, such as server overload, confusing planning, and DDoS attacks.


Karlis is our Lithuanian developer and is part of our multicultural team. We decided to take him on board after he graduated top of his class in Vilnius University, with a degree of Software Engineering.
He developed the Kunga mobile app while he was still a student and won several software development competitions for youngsters u18.


Originally from Spain, Catalin is part o the development team and he also maintains and develops the C++ based server daemons required for mining and transacting in FineCoin. He performs all the technical analysis and brings vast experience in planning, managing and deploying highly scalable systems.

Jonathan P.

Jonathan began his career 10 years ago in the largest food retail store JUMBO from the Netherlands. There he worked on several projects which led to completelly automated corporate services and a vastly improved shopping experience. He went on to help several top companies in the Benelux improve their financial expenditure and later went on to develop several e-commerce stores. After first investing in cryptocurrency, back in 2016, he educated himself to become an expert in fundraising and crowdfunding with new ICO projects.


Lucas is an entrepreneur from Amsterdam, who started his first SEO business when he was just 16 years old. After 8 years of success in the sector he managed to sell his business and focus strictly on blockchain based projects.
As an expert in online marketing, SEO, and branding, he helped many companies improve their exposure, including 2 fortune 500 companies. He joined our team to work as our marketing manager and, together with his team, he helps to increase exposure of our upcoming ICO.

Now back to you

We want to be honest and transparent with out community and investors already from the start. Nevertheless, to make sure FineCoin continues to develop without any interferences, we have to stay anonymous.

Eventually we will reveal our identities but only when the project will be helping our community what the current financial system in incapable of doing.

We are here 24/7 to answer all your questions and help to better understand the FineCoin project so email us  or comment bellow.