How to join our Telegram support group.

Today’s blog post will help you understand how to get in touch with us in the fastest and easiest way. Keep in mind that we are growing in number of members incredibly fast and, thus, need more time to answer all of your emails. On top of that we are working hard to ensure our ICO goes as smooth as possible.

What do you do when your issue can’t wait and you need to contact us fast?

Introducing: Our Telegram support group. (Clicking the hyperlink will lead to the group itself)

We currently have a Telegram Announcement channel, where you can see all our updates, and a Telegram support group. This group works best for people that have questions that need to be answered. Two members of our team will be online at all times to help you with your issues.

After you click on the hyperlink presented above make sure you tap on “Join” which you will see on the bottom of the chat. This will allow you to participate in the conversations and stay up to date with all our activities.

We hope this helps to everyone who needs to contact us fast. Thank you for your trust and support!