The ICO begins – Here is what you need to know

Today is a big day for all of us at FineCoin. Our ICO is ready to kick off and we are excited to bring you some “fine” announcements with regards to our progress.

We have been working tirelessly on our exchange and Lending platform in order to meet the deadlines we have set. We have hired more staff for development and support to ensure everything will go smoothly.

As you probably know by now here are the dates our Internal Exchange and Lending program will open:

16 FEBRUARY – Opening of our Internal exchange (Target price $15 / FINE)

23 FEBRUARY – Launch of the Lending program (Target price $25 / FINE)

MARCH (No definite date yet)  – Listing on External exchanges (Target price $70 / FINE)


We got numerous requests with regards to our ICO setup. Why would we stretch the ICO over 20 days selling less coins instead of selling more coins in less rounds? Here is why:

  • This method will allow people who may work during the week to still make chance to buy our tokens in the weekends. Same goes for busy students and individuals with many responsibilities.
  • It will offer everyone 20 chances, instead of merely 4 or 5 chances to buy our token.
  • It helps us monitor our members behavior during the ICO and optimize our website to best meet your needs.
  • The duration of the ICO will increase awareness of our platform and thus the hype. This in turn will positively affect the price of our token.

Everything we do aims at serving our community and adapt to your wishes and needs. We are ready to crush our goals and make 2018 your most profitable year to date!

Best of luck to everyone!